Review: ‘Too Fast’ by Alexia Haynes #COYER

Too Fast by Alexia Haynes
Too Fast by Alexia Haynes

College girl Savannah works two jobs and studies for her classes. She’s got no time for a relationship, but for some reason, has decided that a one-night stand sounds perf. There’s no discussion about whether  it’s because the girl needs some, or if she’s just bored. All we know is that whomever she chooses, it’s a one-time deal. Well, the SILLY UNIVERSE has other plans for our gal.

Of course alcohol was involved; normally, she would never have chosen a guy as built as this one! She’s usually a skinny/serious kind of girl. But wow, does this Luke, with his Darlin’ accent and his pumped (but not too pumped) body and magical boy parts GET her! Over and over! But seriously, there’s more to Georgia Luke than humps the eye. You see, he actually owns his own house and lives there with his mom and 15-year old sister, Natalie. His mom has mental issues, and sometimes goes off of her meds and does things that Luke has to protect his sister from (and clean up after).

But he’s never felt this way about someone before, never has felt the need to be so honest about his life, never wants to be with someone so much…until he realizes that that he needs to concentrate on getting Nat through high school without any further distractions. And Savvy did not figure this into her plans. After all, guys are usually jerks and a pain in the long run. But is it too late…for both of them?

Boring and blechy all at once. I’ve read this same story a thousand times, and it doesn’t get any better. Even the frequent sex becomes tiresome in this conventional New Adult tale. Ms/Mr Not Looking and Ms/Mr You Don’t Know How Bad My Life is So I Will Hide Behind Amazing Sex get together in a typical drunken manner. Against all odds, they really like each other. And connect. And maybe even fall in love. But one of them has to be the “bigger person” and let the other one go. It’s just not the right time for me. I am not allowed to think about ME right now. I love him/her, but no. Urk. Stop. The blechy part is the “oh my sister is sleeping in the same room as us…we can’t fool around!” but, alas, of course they do. And make out in front of Savannah’s roommate (and others). Skeev city, baby.

I was also very bothered by a secondary character named Aubrey. This girl, one of Savannah’s four roommates, slept with a different guy (or guys) every night. It was alluded to that she had “problems,” but they were never discussed, She was just repeatedly called a ho, whore, slut – by her own roommates. Not only was that disturbing, but, if they disliked her so much, why was she living there in the first place? She was bringing home random people and, at one point, left some there alone with the other roommates while she went to work. This story line added nothing to the tale, unless it was to show the difference between a ‘true slut” and Savannah (who also brought someone home for sex, remember?) or a one-night stand and a “real” relationship? Seems a weird thing to get preachy/shame-y about, though.

So if getting titillated is your main objective, in that you don’t care about characters (except that they’re attractive) and plot (except that it allows for more sex), then have at it.

Too Fast by Alexia Haynes was self-published July 18, 2013. A free copy of this book was given to Ink and Page in return for an honest review. Big thanks to NetGalley/the Publisher/the Author.

Rating: 1

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Fiction Romance bordering on Erotica

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