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Dear Author: If I read your book and write a review, it will be based on my honest opinion as an amateur reviewer. Initially, I started doing reviews because I wanted readers to know of books that I liked. Once I got into author requested reviews (ARR), that changed. For those reviews, I am committing to read works that I could very well dislike immensely. What I will try my damndest NOT to do is attack you, the author, personally. It is not my intent to disparage your very decision to write; many times, books that I have not enjoyed are liked greatly by others. For ARRs, I have been asked to give a review, so I might be a bit more critical, yes. I do tend to write the reviews for the author as well as the reader, since the author has asked for a review.

Any criticism is in no way personal (though I understand that your writing, to you, is VERY personal). My opinions are in no way superior to others’ opinions; I don’t care if my reviews aren’t at the top of the list or agreed with or “liked.” I write my reviews for readers to see a book through my eyes and for those people who find they agree with me most times to be able to find books that they will enjoy. Of course I enjoy the writing, too. I will try and save all snarky comments for my “regular” blog postings, OK?

Ink and Page is currently accepting books for review. Please note the following requirements:

  • All review requests must be approved by Ink and Page. Any books received by Ink and Page that have not been pre-approved will not be returned and most likely will not be reviewed.
  • Books must be in either traditional print or eBook format.
  • All costs for postage and purchase of books (regardless of format) will be the responsibility of the requestor and not Ink and Page.
  • Preferred genre: young adult fiction, including contemporary, fantasy, mystery, paranormal, romance, historical.
  • If your book is unreadable in any fashion (ie., excessive spelling and grammar errors; poor writing; graphic violence; pornographic sex) you will be contacted and told there will be NO review. Books will not be returned.
  • I will respond to your request as soon as I can, which could  be anywhere from one week to never (if you don’t meet my stated requirements). If I have declined your request and a second request is received, there will be no additional response sent.

Reviews will be posted on a number of sites, including (but not limited to) those listed below. Ink and Page does not guarantee that every review will be posted on all of these sites.

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