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This is an experiment, and if it doesn’t work, away it goes. Here’s a place for you to leave general comments to me! Say “hi,” tell me about your blog, write a sonnet, talk TV/movies, or tell me about your new publication, book meme, read-a-thon, book challenge, or BookCon. If you’d rather be all private-like, you can always send an email.

Remember, I have all the power, so if your comment is unsweetened, it will get the boot. This applies to being ugly to others on here as well. And spam? I am the Queen of Ferreting Out Spam.

11 thoughts on “Say Hello!”

    1. Awesome! Yes, I just got approved today to be on Book Blogs. I am still trying to figure it all out! Be sure to send me your info so I can follow you! Thanks for the comment!

  1. Thanks for adding me to your blog roll. I appreciate it a lot. Have enjoyed your site and it looks like you are well on your way to reaching this year’s reading goals. I’m subscribing to your blog so I don’t miss the posts. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up. 🙂

  2. Hey Audrey,

    Seeing your instagram posts, I am reminded daily that I would love it if you read my book, The Beacon. Can I mail you a copy? I am so nervous about having bloggers review my work because yall have such a wide reach. I had the gumption to publish, so I guess I should follow through. I have spent the summer hearing “No” from so agents that I have nothing to lose now!

    I have taken quite a few of your suggestions on books and have enjoyed them, so I’m hoping we are like-minded there too. If you still have some time, I’d greatly appreciate you adding my book to your stack to review.

    Let me know! Thanks!

    Ashley Dotson

    1. Hi Ashley! Thanks for the inquiry. To request a review, please click on the “Reviews and Review Requests” button at the top of my blog. All the information regarding requesting a review is right there. Please complete the form and send – that’s all that’s needed!

      I will review Adult Fiction, but my wheelhouse is Young Adult/New Adult.

  3. Howdy Audrey;

    As a Texas author, I wanted you to know about Texas Authors, Inc., a non-profit that supports and markets Texas Authors. We currently have 260 members and have been around for 5 plus years.

    On March 8th, we will be honored by the Texas House and it will be Texas Authors day at the Capital.

    We have a lot of programs that can be of great help to you and the estimated 8,400 published Texas authors. I hope you will take a moment and check out our website at

    You may also want to check out, BookFestival.Network and the TexasAuthors.Institute


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