So, who is ~ ‘The Enemy’ by Charlie Higson #Review #COYER

It’s been about a year and a half since the world has been turned upside down. Anyone over the age of sixteen has either died a horrible death or turned into mindless, slow, disgusting-looking savages, killing and eating anything in their path. At first, some of the children were ecstatic that it seemed that they were now in charge; most of those kids are long-gone, victims of their own carelessness. ThosThe Enemy by Charlie Higsone left, from their neighborhood anyway, congregated in a Waitrose grocery store. It’s their home now – a fortress, really, with many updates and improvements to keep the grown-ups at bay.
They still lose kids, though, on scavenger missions and through the occasional snatching, and they have to search farther afield for food and supplies. One day they see a strange kid running from a knot of grown-ups; he’s a goner, for sure, unless they throw caution to the wind and open the security door and rescue him. Arran can’t stand to see another kid killed, especially when they can help. They quickly assemble their best fighters, come up with a plan, and pull the kid to safety. What he has to ask them is just about unbelievable.
He has been sent out to try to locate other groups of kids like themselves and bring them back to a self-sufficient, safe place where they can start life over. To take back London. And while they are skeptical at first, he shares photos with them of a better life…at Buckingham Palace. Together with another gang who lives nearby, they make the hazardous trek across town. And as they go, they notice something chilling: the feeble grown-ups seem to be organizing, using weapons and working smarter than they ever had. They are changing, and it isn’t for the good.

My husband actually read this first; he really liked it and thought I would, too. It’s been at least a year since I got this title, and I wish I hadn’t waited that long to read it. You’re dropped down in the middle of the action that is taut, gruesome and suspenseful. There are little surprises here and there that keep you on your toes, wondering what the heck is going on. Is this a world-wide epidemic? Are there any safe places? Will this turn into a Lord of the Flies-type of scenario?

Though it is pretty graphic in its detail regarding the appearance of the disease-riddled grown-ups and the deaths of some of the characters, amazingly enough, it never felt totally hopeless and dark. Maybe that’s just because I read it during the day.

The Enemy by Charlie Higson was published June 16, 2010 by Disney Hyperion. It was a free book.

Rating: 4

Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction Horror Thriller Series
Ages: 13 and up

COYER Scavenger Hunt #52: Read a book with a person/people running on the cover. (4 points)

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