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Flirting with Felicity by Gerri RussellFelicity Wright has just received stunning news: the reclusive elderly man who lived at the hotel where she’s the head chef just left her the hotel and restaurant in his will. He was none other than billionaire Vernon Bancroft, known to her as Vern Barron, and the Bancroft Hotel is now hers. Shocked, she is simultaneously elated as this will be the first time that she will not have to worry about money. And her father, grievously injured in a car accident when Felicity was just sixteen, will now be able to have all of his needs taken care of.

Then in walks Vern’s nephew, Blake Bancroft, who has run the family conglomerate though he is only in his early 30s. He will not let the crown jewel of the hotel chain be claimed by someone that, most likely, was his estranged uncle’s mistress. Once he checks into the hotel, he is startled to find that his assumptions are all wrong. There’s something electric between him and Felicity, and her determination to keep the hotel impresses him. This won’t be easy, and as they circle around each other (and their attraction for each other), their defenses are knocked for a loop as they start to see each other’s point of view.

But behind the scenes, there’s a bitter newspaper editor named Reid Fairfax who will stop at nothing to embarrass and bring down the mighty Bancroft family. Reid’s own grandfather was a former partner of Vern’s father, and was pushed out of the partnership. The Fairfax family wants restitution, but if they can’t have that, they’ll take revenge. And Felicity’s former friend, a back-stabbing, ladder-climbing reporter for Fairfax’s newspaper, will do whatever it takes to get to the top.

It’s not that the story was unpleasant or badly written; it just was completely formulaic, down to the very adjectives used to describe sexual urges, body parts and those feelings that were being felt in spite of the initial feelings by the feel-er of the feel-ee. Ya feel me? (There must be a thesaurus dedicated to romance writing.) Honestly, that’s fine, but when the surrounding story is so formulaic that you can see everything coming (cough) from a mile away, it becomes nothing more than a titillating non-story. Molehills were made out of mountains.

Though it opened my eyes to many, many new adjectives, I can’t say I got any more out of it than that. (The .5 is for the sexy bits.) Oh, and while the cover is super cute, I can’t ever, EVER imagine Blake Bancroft wearing flip flops.

Flirting with Felicity by Gerri Russell was published February 1, 2015 by Montlake Romance. It was free on Amazon.

Rating: 2

Genre: Adult Fiction Contemporary Romance

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