Songs of the Week 1.14.2013 #MusicMonday

I’ve been chugging along, listening to various things, from Top 40 to alternative. Enjoyable, but same old things, really. That is, until Friday night. I went to an all-ages show (have you ever been to a bar with your underage kid, her friend and niece? It’s a trip, to say the least). My husband and I are remembering our glory days of staying out ’til all hours, listening to all sorts of live music – and it’s my kid who’s getting tired. In your face, agedness!

Johnny Stimson at The Prophet Bar 1.11.2013

We went to hear my cousin play (for you purists, first cousin, once removed) at The Prophet Bar in Deep Ellum. We’ve heard him live before, but this time he was showing off his new band and some new songs. Wow. The place was packed, the band was smoking, the heads were bobbing, the audience was wooting, and the occasional in-air-bouncing-finger-point-thing happened. You know what I’m talking about. Magic.

A singer-songwriter, rocker, lion-tamer and crowd favorite, he can play just about any instrument, too. So here’s his set list from Friday and links to hear (some of) these songs. Others you can listen to through the links at the bottom.

And you know what? You will be able to say “Johnny Stimson? Sure, he’s awesome. I’ve been listening to him since before he became famous.” Which, honestly, will probably be tomorrow. So, since you look like one of those people who’s gotta know about something first, the arbiter of style and what what in your circle of nabobs, don’t say I didn’t give you the informaBOOM. Chicks dig him and guys want to be his bro. And for those of you who need music for your movies or book trailers…you can’t go wrong here.

  1. Here We Go Again
  2. Only One
  3. A Million Years
  4. Someone I Used To Know
  5. Come Together
  6. Lovedrug
  7. Human Man
  8. Hello Yellow

Johnny Stimson
All That I See
New Shoes
A Million Years (featuring Jillian Edwards)
Where It Goes


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