Songs of the Week 1.21.2013 #MusicMonday

Songs of the Week

Within a 24-hour period I saw Les Misérables and  Pitch Perfect. Now I Saw The Sign and I Dreamed a Dream are taking up equal real estate inside my head. Now mash that up, beeyotches. 

Les Miserables Movie PosterDid you see Les Mis? If so, did you go in knowing nothing other than what you saw in the trailer – or had you seen it onstage? Did you know there was no dialogue? What did you think about it? I saw the staged version many years ago. I hardly remembered anything about it – I even thought it was set during the French Revolution (1789-1799), but it is actually about the June Rebellion that took place over two days in 1832. More than you wanted to know? Don’t worry, I’m done. Not enough info? Read the super informative Wikipedia entry here.

There’s not a lot of choruses and catchy refrains since it takes place of the speaking, but the music expresses the mood of each event and person in an amazing way. For those of you who don’t “get” musicals, this one may be a hard swallow for you. It borders on being an opera, but, thankfully, doesn’t cross that line. And let me drop a kenlet on you: when people sing in a musical, it is to convey a feeling that is better described with lyrics, music and, perhaps, dancing. It is not to be looked at as “someone just started singing all of the sudden out of nowhere. No one does that in real life.” Well, most people don’t start rapping in the office or doing a poetry slam at the dinner table, either. It is just another form of expression, and the other characters in the production see it that way.

Pitch Perfect Movie PosterI have already seen it, but apparently everyone has seen Pitch Perfect at my daughter’s school – everyone except for her, of course. (Yes, there’s some profanity and other college-aged hijinks that take place, so you should decide for your own kid whether to watch.) When I was in high school, we had the Madrigal Group (seriously, who sing a bunch of madrigal songs, even then?). The name was eventually changed to “Pop Group” or something lame like that. Still, we never even thought to sing songs the way they do in Glee and PP. The harmonies, mash-ups, irreverence, movements – awesome. I love the story, too, especially the part about The Breakfast Club.

Here’s a link to the Pitch Perfect soundtrack.

So what didja listen to this past week? Anything new I might need to know about? Write your own post and leave a link below or write a comment!

5 thoughts on “Songs of the Week 1.21.2013 #MusicMonday”

    1. Thanks. The movie is definitely less “theatrical” than the stage play…whoever did the costumes and makeup knocked it out of the park. The movie seemed more real, with the ugly crying and general atmosphere.

      Have a supah week!

  1. “I Saw the Sign” + “I Dreamed a Dream”–LOL! Every musical bone in my body recoils at the thought of trying to mix those two up. On the other hand, somehow “I Dreamed a Dream” and “Master of the House” tend to get stuck in my head at the same time–the Les Mis songs seem to play earworm in pairs for me for some reason–and that’s not all that much better.

    I’d never seen the musical, but had read the book and seen the Liam Neeson film. (Not that I remembered anything about the June Rebellion, mind.) The music stunned me, though. You’re so right about the expression it pulls off.

    1. You are so right about the earworms…if I try to think of how one of the songs go, I can’t. Then later I find myself humming At the End of the Day or Castle in the Cloud. Weird!

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