Songs of the Week 11.25.2012

I love music. The bad thing is, I can’t listen to music while I am writing. I get distracted by it and have to sing along, then this song reminds me of that song, and before long, I am making a playlist. The writing gets forgotten and I am singing so loudly that the dog takes cover. The only time that I do listen is when I am trying to get a feel for an era or get some inspiration for writing. Then, unfortunately, I have to turn it off in order to write.

So I am going to start my own meme. A sort of What I am Listening To and Liking This Week thing. Join me if you like, as I love finding out about new bands, music, songs. I am one of those people who will always like new music and appreciate the old. I have never gotten stuck in a decade or thought there was never anything good out there to listen to. You just need to know how to find it. I listen through Rhapsody when I am at my computer, in case anyone cares, and to my phone or the radio in the car. I do have satellite, which is awesome, but I listen to local radio as well. So, here is what is on my playlist this week. Click on the title to see a video or hear the song; click the artist to be taken to to buy (I am even designing a button – maybe it will be ready next week!).

  1. Everybody Talks by Neon Trees
  2. Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye (I still love it)
  3. The Way It Was by The Killers
  4. Time Won’t Let Me Go by The Bravery
  5. Heads Will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  6. Last Nite by The Strokes
  7. Fluorescent Adolescent by Arctic Monkeys
  8. Birdhouse in Your Soul by They Might Be Giants
  9. The album Welcome Interstate Managers by Fountains of Wayne
  10. Close to You by Maxi Priest
  11. With a Girl Like You by The Troggs
  12. Got a Heart by Toadies (Starts about 4:34 in the video)
  13. Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars

Leave a comment below and tell me what you listened to this week that encouraged, inspired, rocked, or otherwise got you in the mood!

5 thoughts on “Songs of the Week 11.25.2012”

    1. My husband just made a cool button for it, too! Then my blog ‘sploded this evening. I had some kind of virus or something. Grrrr. You’ll have to tell me next Sat. about what you listened to this week.
      My Sunday Post will be late tomorrow as I will be in the car all day. Heck, it may get posted Monday…

  1. I have the same problem–it’s next to impossible to write while any kind of lyrical music is playing. I like to sing wayyy too much. 😉 Quiet piano music works for me sometimes, though. It’s useful for shutting off the easily-distracted part of my brain.

    Great feature idea! Of course, this was a holiday week, and as far as I can recall, I listened to nothing by design but everything from old country-western to opera by default, thanks to attending a lot of family gatherings. 🙂

    1. My husband can read a book, watch TV and listen to music all while surfing the net. I’ve got to pay attention! The book I have been writing for NaNoWriMo is set in two different eras, so I have been trying to connect through music.
      Pay attention this week to what you listened to and join me next week!

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