Songs of the Week 12.1.2012

What music inspired you this week? Did you discover any new bands, songs or styles? Was there anything you heard that just drove you crazy? Were you trying to find that perfect song for your book, post or poem? Write a post on your blog, post a link on my blog, and let the world know.

I was trying to finish up my 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo this week, so my list was down quite a bit from last week. Here’s what I was listening to:

  1. Blood by Franz Ferdinand. I really liked some previous songs (see #2), so I downloaded this album. They are from Glasgow, and the only reason I tell you this is because if you’re from Glasgow, you’re a Glaswegian. I guess if you’re from Glasgow, you already know that.
  2. Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand. I think this song was the first FF song I heard. I liked it. A bunch.
  3. ¡Uno! by Green Day. I love everything about Green Day from Billie Joe Armstrong and his kohl-rimmed eyes and skinny ties to the fact that they produced a musical to BJA’s recent kerfuffle at the iHeart Radio Music Festival. And the name Tré Cool. Oh, and their music is pretty good, too.
  4. ¡Dos! by Green Day. See #3.
  5. She Blinded Me With Science by Thomas Dolby. You know what, this song is still awesome and it will always be awesome. My Baby Daddy was inspired to play this for the kid to get her psyched to do her science homework. I hummed it all night and put it on my playlist. Bam.
  6. Some Nights by fun. I have to crank up the tunes when I hear this song. I love the tight vocals done a capella in the beginning, then the banging of the drums when they come in. It does sound like war.
  7. I saw the movie Pitch Perfect last night. Those performances were great. Not nearly as shrill as Glee. And I can say that ’cause Puck’s from Dallas and my cousin knows his moms. Bam! again.

Put your link below – I can’t wait to hear what you, uh, heard, this week!

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