Songs of the Week 12.15.2012

I am sure that all of you have read the horrible and tragic broadcasts about the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Any violent death is an appalling act; but, as many people have said better than I can, to kill children is an unfathomable, despicable and vile blow that most of us cannot understand in the least. Children represent hope, innocence and the future; to mow them down so heartlessly and premeditatedly is incomprehensible.

I know that the perpetrator was mentally ill. That’s a terrible way to live, but even a worse way to die. There  has to be a better way to get help to these people before something like this happens again.

Whatever your religious beliefs, please take a moment today to think about, pray for or otherwise support the people and the families that have been touched by this tragedy. And, whatever your political beliefs, please donate money to a charity that can help or volunteer with a cause in the name of the people who were killed.

“Let There Be Peace on Earth” sung by the 5th Grade Chorus from PS22 in Staten Island, New York

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