Songs of the Week 12.29.2012

So sorry that I was unable to post last Saturday. As many of you heard (my screeching), I had an issue with malware that WOULD NOT DIE. I guess that’s what puts the “mal” in malware.

If you follow me on Twitter (and if you don’t, please do so now so I can hit my year-end goal of 1,000!), you may have noticed that I have been checking into True Blood quite a bit on GetGlue. I have wanted to watch the series for some time, so I checked out the DVDs from our local library. With HBO, you either have to pay to watch it on their channel or pay to purchase the DVDs. They don’t put their stuff on Netflix, so fortunately for me, @PlanoLibrary has the show in their collection.

In case you don’t know, True Blood is based on Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series. Set in Northern Louisiana, Sookie is a telepathic waitress who lives in the small town of Bon Temps. Vampires have “come out,” so to speak, and regular folks are getting used to them being around. As you might guess, some people don’t care, some people are obsessed (these people are referred to as “fangbangers”) and some care very much. Of course, Sookie meets and falls in love with a vampire, and that’s where her adventures begin.

Since the stories take place in Louisiana, the music played during the ending credits is very evocative of the area and that sort of swampy, southern-fed, sometimes dark feeling that the show wants to summon. Here are the songs that have been played during the end titles for Season One. Huge thanks to the fansite and the website TuneFind for compiling these so I didn’t have to.

  1. Strange Love: Bones by Little Big Town
  2. The First Taste: Snake in the Grass (True Blood Mix) by Vallejo
  3. Mine: Good Times by Charlie Robison
  4. Escape from Dragon House: That Smell by Lynyrd Skynyrd
  5. Sparks Fly Out: It’s All Over But the Shoutin’ by Southern Culture on the Skids (this is the Ann Sexton version)
  6. Cold Ground: Cold Ground by Rusty Truck
  7. Burning House of Love: Play with Fire by Cobra Verde
  8. The Fourth Man in the Fire: I Want You So Hard (The Boy’s Bad News) by Eagles of Death Metal
  9. Plaisir D’Amour: Walking the Dog by Rufus Thomas
  10. I Don’t Wanna Know: I Don’t Wanna Know by Dr. John
  11. To Love is To Bury: Pass You By by Gillian Welch
  12. You’ll Be the Death of Me: Ain’t No Grave by Crooked Still

Do you have a show that has great music?

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