Sorry and Henceforth

My posts since summer have shown me to be a vagarious correspondent at best. I have still remained a reader; my problem is in the creating of the reviews of these books. I probably have 20 books that I have read for which I need to post critiques.

Last year I took off an entire month just to read and enjoy without the pressure of telling the world what I thought; but this year, I decided to up the ante and post six times a week. Without a break. Eeek. This has become a chore, something I dread. Not my original intention, as I started this blog to trumpet my love of books.

Sorry gif

So that I can have that lovely thing called BALANCE in my life, I am going to change up how many reviews, memes, giveaways and interviews that I do per week. I am still planning this out, but I most likely will only be posting during the work week, with only 2-3 of those posts being book reviews. For the books that I have already read, I will be writing up those reviews and posting them on the days that they were supposed to have been posted.

Thanks for reading my posts – I appreciate all comments and follows, and I appreciate so much that you read my blog!

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