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It’s Time for Winter COYER!

I need a big kick in the pants to get back to reading. Well, I’m always reading, so it’s more the reviews that I need to get going on. I blame my Roku, cause now I have a TV in my office that can actually do more than just show me Netflix... Read More | Share it now!

Join Me in These Two Reading Challenges!

I’m pretty 50/50 on reading challenges. I either throw myself in and collapse at the end or barely do anything. I did the COYER (Clean Out Your E-Reader) challenge last summer, and it nearly killed me. Instead of concentrating on the books that I... Read More | Share it now!

#COYER (Clean Out Your EReader) Winter Challenge

Many of you may have noticed that I read quite a few books this past summer. I took part in the COYER Scavenger Hunt which was a lot of fun. Not only were we challenged to read our stacks of books and “piles” of eBooks that have been... Read More | Share it now!

Review: ‘Taste Test’ by Kelly Fiore

Smoke Signals BBQ isn’t exactly haute cuisine, but it’s where Nora Henderson has discovered her love of cooking. Her best friend, Billy, talks her into auditioning for her favorite television show, Taste Test, because the teenage winner... Read More | Share it now!

#COYER Scavenger Hunt: Sign Up Now!

I have so many eBooks on my tablet to read, and sometimes is helps (a lot) if I sign up for something that will (more or less) help me get a bunch under my belt. I took part in the #COYER challenge at the beginning of the year and it definitely helped.... Read More | Share it now!

The Sunday Post 1.11.2015 Edition

Happy New Year! School’s back in session, so maybe I should write some reviews of all of those books I have been reading. Stay tuned. What I Posted… You may have highly enjoyed/intensely disagreed with the following: The Sunday Post... Read More | Share it now!

#COYER: New Year’s Read-A-Thon 1/1/15 – 1/4/15

This is the first read-a-thon in the COYER (Clean Out Your EReader) Winter Challenge. You can sign up to join at Fantasy Is More Fun. My (tentative) list of what I hope to read is as follows:   The Enemy by Charlie Higson (The Enemy #1). My husband... Read More | Share it now!

The Book to Movie Challenge! #TakeControlTBR #TakeControlRAT

These days, Hollywood seems to be chest-deep in movies made from books. You can’t throw a Milk Dud without hitting a poster for a film whose source material was first published in written form. So, for fun, I’d like you to see how many of... Read More | Share it now!

Haunted Week 2012: Bats in Your Book Pages

Today is the second day of Haunted Week that is brought to you by Cheyenne of This Girl Reads. Today’s topic: Even the biggest book enthusiasts have some bats in their belfries about things in books that drive them insane. Today tell your... Read More | Share it now!

Wicked Summer Cover Challenge (Summer Wrap-Up Read-a-Thon)

Even though I don’t always have time to participate in all of them, one of my favorite things to do during a read-a-thon are the challenges. Today’s comes courtesy of Wickedly Bookish. Here’s the info directly from her blog: Are you... Read More | Share it now!