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Here’s Your Summer Jam

I know that y’all, no matter your age, are super pumped about the 70s R&B/funk/pop that’s found itself back in vogue. From Bruno Mars to Justin Timberlake, the bass guitar, keyboards and horns bring back a sound that has been absent... Read More | Share it now!

Songs of the Week 1.28.2013 #MusicMonday

The family decided to go bowling this past Friday night. Not something we normally do, and it showed in the results. We did get to, however, use the lanes that were in the black light room. Then, my daughter’s friend informed us soon after our... Read More | Share it now!

Songs of the Week 1.14.2013 #MusicMonday

I’ve been chugging along, listening to various things, from Top 40 to alternative. Enjoyable, but same old things, really. That is, until Friday night. I went to an all-ages show (have you ever been to a bar with your underage kid, her friend... Read More | Share it now!