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Both beautiful & terrifying ~ ‘Black Dove, White Raven’ by Elizabeth Wein #Review #COYER

This story is just full of opportunities for tragedy. In flight logs, letters and stories, the tale of how a white American woman, her white daughter and black son came to live in Ethiopia…and what happened during the years leading up to World... Read More | Share it now!

Lucky? ~ ‘The Number 7’ by Jessica Lidh #Review #COYER

Louisa’s family isn’t very close. She never met her Dad’s parents, and now they are both gone. Her family is the tight-lipped sort, so she, her father and her sister, Greta, don’t even talk much about their mother or the hole... Read More | Share it now!

Review: ‘I Will Always Write Back: How One Letter Changed Two Lives’

I think you have to be over a certain age to be able to understand the whole pen pal phenomenon. I can remember different childrens’ shows offering the chance to communicate with someone your own age in a completely different culture. Kids... Read More | Share it now!