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Quick & Dirty Book Review: ‘Being Henry David’ by Cal Armistead

The Low Down: Kid comes to in Penn Station in New York City with only the clothes on his back, ten dollars in his pocket and a copy of Henry David Thoreau’s Walden. He remembers nothing about how he got there, his name or anything about his life... Read More | Share it now!

Book Review: ‘Enchanted, Inc.’ by Shanna Swendson #WWRC13 #NARC13

Rating: 2.5 I’m Cranky Because: I am taking part in a challenge where magic/witchcraft has to be the central focus of a book. This book was on a list of examples, and it sounded fun, light, easy. My library didn’t have it, but eventually let me... Read More | Share it now!

Q&D Book Review: ‘You Are Here’ by Jennifer E. Smith

Rating: 3.5 I read The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight a few weeks ago and loved it. I wanted to check out other books by this author as well, so I found You Are Here. Ms. Smith seems to have plots and subject matter that hasn’t been... Read More | Share it now!

Q&D Book Review: ‘Sloppy Firsts’ by Megan McCafferty

OK, I’m pissed off. Here I have given several hours over to this scorchingly honest book, a story that tells everything like it is with no apologies, no censorship and no fear, and then, well, then, I reach what I assume is the end, mainly... Read More | Share it now!

Q&D Review: ‘Kiss Crush Collide’ by Christina Meredith

Rating: 3.5 The Low Down: They are the Johnson sisters; three blondes, all in a row. Certain things are done in certain ways and those certain ways are honored. There are clear unspoken expectations; but for the youngest, Leah, they are starting to... Read More | Share it now!

Review: ‘Chronal Engine’ by Greg Leitich Smith #ATBF12

Rating: 3 The Low Down: The twins, Kyle and Emma, and their younger brother, Max, are staying for the summer with their grandfather on his ranch. The recluse grandfather that they have only seen once. Family lore has it that their great-great... Read More | Share it now!

Review: ‘The Girl of Fire and Thorns’ by Rae Carson #ATBF12

Rating: 3.5 The Low Down: On her sixteenth birthday, Princess Elisa is married off to the handsome king of neighboring country Joya d’Arena. Along with her hand comes the promise of aid during an mounting war between that country and a neighboring... Read More | Share it now!

Q&D Review: ‘Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn’t Have)’ by Sarah Mylnowski #RSReadathon

Rating: 3 The Low Down: April’s parents are divorced, and now her Dad wants to move to another state. Half-way through her junior year. Just when she and her boyfriend Noah are going to seal the deal. Can she live with her best friend, Vi (Dad... Read More | Share it now!

Q&D Review: ‘The School for Dangerous Girls’ by Eliot Schrefer #ATBF

Rating: 3 Best Thang ‘Bout It: This school is creepy, but not in a slasher film kind of way. It’s the isolation – from the closest town, from parents, because of snow, no phones no cars no internet. It was a great idea for a book. I’m... Read More | Share it now!

Q&D Review: ‘Immortal City’ by Scott Speer #ATBF

Rating: 3.5 Best Thang ‘Bout It: Angels are hot as hell right now, ’tis true. This series takes a very interesting look at what would happen if angels were known to exist by the GP and became celebrities and ran a “pay-to-save”... Read More | Share it now!