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Songs of the Week 1.28.2013 #MusicMonday

The family decided to go bowling this past Friday night. Not something we normally do, and it showed in the results. We did get to, however, use the lanes that were in the black light room. Then, my daughter’s friend informed us soon after our... Read More | Share it now!

Songs of the Week 1.21.2013 #MusicMonday

Within a 24-hour period I saw Les Misérables and  Pitch Perfect. Now I Saw The Sign and I Dreamed a Dream are taking up equal real estate inside my head. Now mash that up, beeyotches.  Did you see Les Mis? If so, did you go in knowing nothing... Read More | Share it now!

Songs of the Week 12.15.2012

I am sure that all of you have read the horrible and tragic broadcasts about the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Any violent death is an appalling act; but, as many people have said better than I can, to kill... Read More | Share it now!

Songs of the Week 12.8.2012

This week was crazy. Middle schoolers were having their Fall Social today, I had lots of books to read, a choir concert to attend, and other time-consuming events were going on. Music lost this week, I am afraid. I did sing along to the radio a lot,... Read More | Share it now!

On the #NaNoWriMo Home Stretch

This is the last week of NaNoWriMo. Three days left. With 4,828 words to go, that’s 2,414 today and tomorrow with Friday as my buffer day. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. So, enjoy this post. Several times (it’s short). I will try to finish my... Read More | Share it now!

Songs of the Week 11.25.2012

I love music. The bad thing is, I can’t listen to music while I am writing. I get distracted by it and have to sing along, then this song reminds me of that song, and before long, I am making a playlist. The writing gets forgotten and I am... Read More | Share it now!