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Review: ‘Too Fast’ by Alexia Haynes #COYER

College girl Savannah works two jobs and studies for her classes. She’s got no time for a relationship, but for some reason, has decided that a one-night stand sounds perf. There’s no discussion about whether  it’s because the girl... Read More | Share it now!

17 Conclusions Regarding Being In the #PTA

OK, so it’s the fifteenth of January, a good two weeks into the new year. At this point, you would most likely agree that we can no longer support Christmas lights, “Happy New Year!” greetings and lists of resolutions. Get on with it,... Read More | Share it now!

Leaders are Great…But We All Need a Few Good Followers

Reading Jessica Dragon Cheramie’s blog posting today (To follow or Not to follow?) got me thinking. There are so many places to blog, tweet, facebook, tumble, G+, honk and wheeze that we probably lose track of how many sites we are on. Even worse, we... Read More | Share it now!