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Review: ‘Time After Time’ by Tamara Ireland Stone #COYER

***IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE FIRST BOOK IN THE SERIES, THERE MAY BE SPOILERS*** It’s been a few years since I read Time Between Us, the first in this series. I remembered the gist of the original, and was curious to see how this follow up would... Read More | Share it now!

Review: ‘Passenger’ by Alexandra Bracken #COYER #SRC

If you like time-travel stories, you are in for a treat. This spectacular voyage via ink and paper leaves all recent forays in this genre back in the Stone Age. All she knows is playing the violin. Etta Spencer has no time for anything else.... Read More | Share it now!

Review: ‘The Square Root of Summer’ by Harriet Reuter Hapgood #2016SRC

I am still at a complete loss as to how to describe this book. I wouldn’t say that the premise is new, or the situations, or even the characters: it is the storytelling itself that felt new. Gottie Oppenheimer is the second-born in a... Read More | Share it now!

And Tomorrow? ~ ‘All Our Yesterdays’ by Cristin Terrill #Review #COYER

I started this book quite a while ago, and for some reason, it got lost in the shuffle and never finished. Boy, am I glad I circled back around to it. Em is locked in a cell. She has no idea how long she’s been there. Maybe a few months? The next... Read More | Share it now!

The Gardner did it ~ ‘Heist’ by Laura Pauling #Review #COYER

In the early hours of March 18, 1990, two men entered the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum dressed as policemen. They tied up the two guards and proceeded to steal over $500,000,000 worth of paintings and other artwork. The perpetrators were never... Read More | Share it now!

Review: ‘Prada and Prejudice’ by Mandy Hubbard

Callie is on an enrichment tour of London before she goes back to school. She doesn’t really have anyone to hang out with, unless you count Angela, Summer  and Mindy. Which she doesn’t, since Angela is super popular and doesn’t give... Read More | Share it now!

Release Week Book Review: ‘The Reluctant Assassin’ (W.A.R.P. #1) by Eoin Colfer

Rating: 4 In my frenzy of book reading over the last couple of years, I have not ventured much into the world of middle grades stories. Sure, my daughter read a lot and we spent much time browsing titles at (sniff) Borders Books or at the library. I... Read More | Share it now!

Book Review: ‘Replay’ by Ken Grimwood

Will I ever get the time spent back again? Will I have my own chance at a replay? Rating: 2.5 The Low Down: Jeff Winston is stuck in a middling job and a stale marriage. At 43, it soon gets worse: he suffers a fatal heart attack just as his wife says:... Read More | Share it now!

Book Review: ‘Sapphire Blue’ by Kerstin Gier

***IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE FIRST BOOK IN THE SERIES, THERE MAY BE SPOILERS AHEAD*** Rating: 4 The Low Down: Wow. That kiss. There they are, Gwen and Gideon, hiding from gun-wielding bad guys in a church in 1912 and they’re kissing. That was... Read More | Share it now!

Review: ‘Time Between Us’ by Tamara Ireland Stone #ATBF12

Rating: 4 The Low Down: Anna Greene and Bennett Cooper have met under the strangest of circumstances. It’s 1995, and on her morning run at a nearby track, Anna sees someone in the stands. Watching her. He smiles at her like he knows her. When she... Read More | Share it now!