The Book to Movie Challenge! #TakeControlTBR #TakeControlRAT

Take Control of Your TBR Pile March 2013 Kimba the Caffeinated Book ReviewerThese days, Hollywood seems to be chest-deep in movies made from books. You can’t throw a Milk Dud without hitting a poster for a film whose source material was first published in written form. So, for fun, I’d like you to see how many of these book covers you recognize.

Starting in the top left-hand corner and moving to the right, list the title of the book AND the author on the form below the picture grid. First row is 1-5, second row is 6-10, etc. For bonus points, if there is a difference, please tell me the name of the movie and the book. You will get one point for each correct title and one point for each correct author. I will even give you one extra point if you follow my blog and one extra point if you follow me on Twitter (please make sure you answer all questions if you want full credit!). Be sure to scroll all the way down in the answer form. PLEASE DO NOT PUT ANY ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS.

This challenge will be open the duration of the read-a-thon portion of the challenge, ending at midnight on the 18th of March. The person who has the most points FIRST wins a hearty eHandshake and a $10 Amazon gift certificate.


March 2013 TBR Challenge

35 thoughts on “The Book to Movie Challenge! #TakeControlTBR #TakeControlRAT”

  1. Oh this looks like fun..books to movies. If I watch a tv show or movie I always look to see if it was based on a book. Now if I see a trailer for an upcoming movie and know its based on a book…i read the book first! Some of these I recognize and others meh..i will need to think. thanks so much for hosting this!

  2. That was really hard! I had no clue for seven of them! I think I got all the others correct. Very tough!!

    Thanks for an awesome challenge! Definitely made me put on my thinking cap!

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