The Gardner did it ~ ‘Heist’ by Laura Pauling #Review #COYER

Heist by Laura PaulingIn the early hours of March 18, 1990, two men entered the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum dressed as policemen. They tied up the two guards and proceeded to steal over $500,000,000 worth of paintings and other artwork. The perpetrators were never caught.

Using this crime for its backdrop, Heist is the story of Jack Brodie and his attempts to free his father from jail. It’s like Groundhog Day, but instead of the self-centered weatherman, we have a self-centered thief. Jack’s father is up for parole. Things have been terrible since he was arrested; his mother has turned into a cranky, lifeless person and Jack still thinks that his father is innocent. At the courthouse, Jack meets Frank who tells him that only he can help his dad. That’s when Jack learns that he can time travel by looking at paintings. He wants to learn all he can about his Dad and try to keep him from going to jail. Then everything will be alright again.
Jack meets new kid Jetta. Jac’s mom wants him to walk her to school since parts of where they live in Boston can be treacherous. She’s an artist, and though she’s brand new, she has entered an art contest near the museum. He goes, and with shock, sees Jetta being forcibly taken away in a Mercedes by an elderly woman. What’s the story there?
As Jack tries over and over to “fix” everything, he realizes that he can’t – not without making someone else suffer. So now he has to choose between what he wants – and what’s right.

Obviously the author has great love for the city of Boston as well as its most infamous art crime. It’s a tale about learning to leave well enough alone. About understanding that no  one is perfect, no matter what you want to believe. I am just not sure if adding in the element of time travel does anything for the story other than making me think of Bill Murray. I don’t feel like I got to know any one version of anybody enough to decide if I even liked them or felt anything about them. Hearing the same story over and over only served to make me tired of the tale.

Heist by Laura Pauling was published March 12, 2015 by Smashwords. I bought this from Google Play Books.

Rating: 2.5

Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction Fantasy Action/Adventure Mystery Thriller Series
Ages: 13 and up

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