The Sunday Post 2.17.2013

The Sunday Post MemeThis is a fun meme started by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer. As she says:

~ It’s a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week on your blog, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead.

Here’s the awesomeness that you read, ingested, missed, hated, loved, {whatever} last week:

This week was sad and subdued. Our family suffered something tragic, so, needless to say, my mind was elsewhere. It was difficult to get into most of the books that I tried. Luckily, I had already written some reviews that were to post this week, so I didn’t have to do too much.

  1. The Sunday Post 2.10.2013. Here’s what I accomplished for the week prior. I think I did pretty well.
  2. I was poised to write a Songs of the Week topic about the Grammys. I love how they’ve become this huge concert where all the “cool” people in the audience know all the words. I changed it at the last minute and instead posted an essay called You’re Killing Me, Kerstin Gier! Ever since I participated in a “Waiting On” Wednesday where I said I was waiting on Emerald Green, you wouldn’t believe the number of search queries that I get for this book. Heck, if I had a much larger audience, I am sure they would number in the millions! Is this series on your must-read list? It should be.
  3. I have four ARCs of books that were to be released on the 12th. I read 3-1/2 of them. Two reviews got posted on Tuesday: The Odd Squad: Bully Bait by Michael Fry and Out of Nowhere by Maria Padian.
  4. I honestly don’t keep up with all of the new books that are coming out – maybe once I read everything that’s already come out, I will be able to. I just know a few, and they tend to be by authors that I have already read. This week on “Waiting On” Wednesday, I posted about the last companion novel in Stephanie Perkins’ contemporary romance series. I’ll be sad it’s the last one, but I can’t wait until I can read Isla and the Happily Ever After.
  5. I rearranged some of my book reading – I needed to have something fun and romantic and positive to read, so I moved up my reading of Geek Girl by Holly Smale. According to NetGalley, it was published in December; however, I found out that it has not been published in the US and will be coming out on February 28th. So I was accidentally timely! Hooray for me.
  6. Friday was a day for family, so I did a short post. Thank you to everyone who sent messages – especially @KimbaCaffeinate @jennasthilaire @lizfichera @mmurfy68 .
  7. Though it makes me feel slightly giggly and naughty, I posted my first review of a book in the erotica genre. For mature audiences only, here’s my review of Beautiful Bastard. No, I am not going to make a practice of this.
  8. I started three (yes, three) books this week that I hope to finish soon: Three Graves Full by Jamie Mason; Dysfunctional Romance! by Derick Hudson and Replay by Ken Grimwood.

Books in Film

From what I’ve heard, the two leads in Beautiful Creatures are amazing and Jeremy Irons is underutilized. I think I might have to go and see this, as it seems the kind of movie you need to see on the big screen. Did you go? What did you think? Had you read the book?

There are tons (tonnes for my readers on the British Isles) of books being turned into movies this year. Check out my IMDb Watchlist to see which ones are being whispered about. Let me know if I am missing any!

Lookie What I Got!

TSP 2.17.2013

I did pick up some books this week…

  • I received a copy of DiSemblance from author Shanae Branham for an ARR;
  • My author pal, Angel Lawson, sent me a copy of Connor’s prequel. If you’ve read Wraith (if not, you must), this is his story;
  • Templand by Jill Elaine Hughes – thanks to NetGalley;
  • Ripped by Shelly Dickson Carr, which is a time-travel Jack the Ripper book (2 of my favs: time travel and Victorian England!) – thanks to NetGalley and New Book Partners;
  • Peregrine Harker and the Black Death by Luke Hollands – thanks to NetGalley and Sparkling Books;
  • The New Kid by Temple Mathews – thanks to NetGalley and BenBella Books;
  • manicpixiedreamgirl by Tom Leveen – thanks to NetGalley and Random House Children’s Books.

Upcoming Challenges

Yours truly is going to get to design and conduct one of the challenges for Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer’s Take Control of Your TBR Pile! One week of her month-long challenge will be a read-a-thon and fun stuff to do. It starts March 1st, so be sure to be ready!

Cool Freebies from Splintered’s A.G. Howard

I’d like to say that it was my beautifully structured review and sparkling personality, but in reality, all it took was a SASE or two to get some cool stuff from Ms. Howard this week. Either way, I squeeed a little (a lot) when I got it. Thank you, @aghowardwrites!


What’s the Dealio for Next Week?

  1. This lovely post, The Sunday Post. You will/have ooh and ahh over my accomplishments!
  2. For one of the challenges I joined, I have yet to read the first book. I am supposed to read a fantasy book, but, as luck would have it, none of the my scheduled books were fantasy!
  3. Here’s the list of books I am planning on reading/reviewing this week: Replay by Ken Grimwood; Double Crossed by Ally Carter; Rapture by Lauren Kate.
  4. I hope to get in at least one more ARR this week: The Fragile Lion by Mark Darley.
  5. As for my weekly memes…I am looking forward to this week’s Top Ten Tuesday (Favorite Characters in (a Particular) Genre). I will do and “Waiting On” Wednesday if I can think of another book I am waiting for; and Feature and Follow Friday, too.
  6. Of course I will then see you next Sunday at The Sunday Post!

Am I missing out on anything that you think I should read/participate in/know about? Tell me in the comments! Please leave a link, too!

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