The Twilight of Summer: Or, Musings on the Stewart and Pattinson Implosion

Unless you’ve been an actual athlete (not pronounced “ath-a-lete” as Morgan Freeman would have you believe) participating in the Olympics, you must know by now that something is not right in Forks, Washington. Apparently, Bella has awakened from the vampire glamouring and realized that she wants to experience more of the world of romance/sex/excitement/whatever than with just her ever-stalwart soul mate, Edward. Or at least, that’s what the media would have you believe.

Now, I am not going to claim whatsoever any knowledge of the purported affair between Kristen Stewart and her director buddy, so let it be known here and now that all of my insider news comes decidedly third-hand. I don’t have a clue as to the inner-workings or feelings of Ms. Stewart or Mr. Pattinson, but that won’t stop me from conjecturing. You see, as a semi-professional armchair psychologist, I am fully equipped to declare the jist of what happened and to make my final analysis in my usual astute manner. All you need to do is read and enjoy.

So, here’s what I think.

Twilight was released in 2008, when Kristen Stewart was 18 years old. That means she was around 17 during filming. It would appear that her relationship with Rob Pattinson, if not her first serious one, was certainly her most serious one. For many people, that’s pretty young. For actors under a constant, hyped-up spotlight, that’s very young. Though I am crazy-serious now (joke), most people who knew me when know I didn’t start maturing until I was in my mid-to-late twenties. Just using that as a comparison. Or, look at it this way: how many people end up marrying their high school sweethearts? Okay, most of my cousins, but they must have a gene I didn’t get. Seriously, though, not many marry, especially if they separate for college.

Having been in a few musicals myself back in the day, it is easy to understand how spending that much time together would bring two people together [Holla, Brad]. Now, imagine that amount of time being multiplied by a googol. That’s the inordinate amount of time spent filming, doing press tours, interviews, ComicCon, etc. PLUS having to hide out together when the paparazzi, fangirls/boys and stalkers are on the prowl. All those things can add to and intensify whatever feelings they have for each other anyway. I’m not saying those feelings aren’t real; just ever-so-much-more-so. When the excitement is over (which it will be soon for Twilight), those feelings can diminish or disappear altogether.

Let’s face it. Hollywood isn’t exactly known as a bastion of marital longevity. Being tempted while working closely with others, all that time spent away from each other filming and doing press junkets, ego, everyone wanting something from you…it is all working against couples.

You want to know what really chaps me, though? This 41-year-old man, Rupert Sanders. It makes me feel much more than a little skeevy that this man, who in the most powerful man on the set, hits on a much younger person. A girl who has spent the last 4-5 years holed up somewhere hiding from the press or holed up somewhere making movies. Protected from the real world, living in a very unreal world. She, all doe-eyed, is flattered by him and his position. An older man, cool. No. So not cool. This man, in every way, took advantage of her. In all the accounts I have ever read about Kristen (OK, until now, I didn’t read anything other than what happened to float across in front of my face) she never was reported to be fast and loose. The fact that he dragged his wife and kids into the mire along with him makes it even worse.

I don’t want to come across as condoning what allegedly happened; certainly, at the very, very least, it is selfish and not a way to gain trust with another person. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain that Rob Pattinson is going through right now. In my severely stunted and limited romantic experience, the most serious boyfriend I had (before marrying the best and most awesome man) broke my wee heart into several gazillion pieces when he dumped me (and we dated less than six months, a lot of which was long distance) and it easily took an entire year for me to get over that. [All for the best, Jeff.]

How humiliating and embarrassing to have to live the bad parts of your life in front of a world-wide audience. That’s the downside to fame and the internet, for sure. Everyone on earth has a front seat to the unfortunate fashion choices, the walks of shame, the ill-timed cigarette, the freak outs, the paparazzi punches, the Vegas parties, the indiscretions with nannies, the addictions, and everyone has an opinion about it. On top of that, there’s that enormous fan-base that is everything Twilight. The Twihards. I’m not just talking about what many perceive as only being made up of blushing teenaged innocents; I know plenty of adult women who read and enjoyed the books and saw all of the movies and were on Team Edward or Team Jacob. And some of these gals are seriously pissed. And here’s why: that Bella girl? She could have been any of us. She was so ordinary, nothing special. She was Everygirl. And he loved her with his entire being. He was destroyed, figuratively and almost literally, when he thought she was dead. She who is without an ounce of romance can throw the first stone at that. For many, it’s the love story of a generation, an era, a millenium. The problem is that the lines between fiction and reality got seriously blurred for a lot of people. It’s easy to understand why; it makes their on-screen relationship and their book version REAL to the viewer/reader. So, when Kristen betrayed Rob, she betrayed us. The many. The proud. The ordinary.

18 thoughts on “The Twilight of Summer: Or, Musings on the Stewart and Pattinson Implosion”

  1. Brilliant post! I didn’t really hear much about it except the bare details, but even so it’s hard to get away from the sheer venom being thrown Ms Stewart’s way right now. That makes me sad, because spotlight or no spotlight, she’s still just a girl. And poor Mr Pattinson is just a guy. And they’re both having to not only deal with their own complicated emotions and situations right now, but these things are almost having to take a back seat (rather ridiculously) to the fact that the entire universe seems to be exploding around them as a result. Team Rob and Team Kristen? Come on!

    1. Exactly. It completely sucks for both of them. I can’t even begin to imagine how badly it sucks. And, they still have to face all of that same press when they go out to promote the final Twilight. Thanks for the comment, Ellie! Hope you only had wonderful customers today! 🙂

  2. I so agree that the director person seduced and took advantage of her. And why there were no rumblings to the press during filming is strange.
    But something you said about the content of the third book, which I have not read, bringing up the point that Bella wants to taste the outside world made me wonder if this might be publicity related. Lke them kissing in that car knowing paparazzi was behind them. Just crept into my mind. Have not read twilight books at all.
    Nicely done piece.
    Gave you a tweet.

  3. FTR: Audrey asked for my opinion–I’m not just being argumentative. Sorry for the rambling.

    sigh. True Confession: I’m a partial-kind-of-probably twilight fan. “fan” is a hard word because I almost hate Twilight, but that wasn’t always the case. I used to love it and got involved in the fandom which then kind of went super weird and by then it was like this giant train wreck I can not stop watching.

    Ironically, the number one reason i semi-loathe the twifandom is Kristen Stewart (and her fangirls). Her bratty, obnoxious, narcissistic behavior split the fandom into this Pro/Con thing. Most of the people who do not like KS generally just want to say I DON’T LIKE HER and keep moving. The girls that love her (The ones crying over the breakup) will bully people into submission or into a corner.

    I’ve never done well in the corner.

    Here’s my take on the cheating scandal. In a “normal” world or even with a “normal celebrity” people would look at this a lot differently. Yes Rupert would be a total douchebag. KS would seem more like a victim than a Trampire. Sadly starting in 2009 (when she was 19) KS dumped her boyfriend of 3 years and started acting like a jackass. If we are to believe they have been together for all three years (which i do not) she had plenty of time to act like a young adult. Instead she played obvious games with the emotionally unstable fangirls and fueled this entire thing to the point of insanity. Last summer she dropped the infamous “My Boyfriend Is English” line in a magazine. This sent the fandom into hysterics. Now, of course, we realize it’s very possible this boyfriend was possibly Rupert. Either way, she plays games and uses it to further her career.

    I know people want to call her young and a semi-victim in all this. I know the paps are horrible and really there is no approving of their behavior but she has baited them for years. the bird flipping, the cursing, the intentional going out of her way to make comments to them. She was booed on the red carpet at Cannes by PHOTOGRAPHERS (not paps), because of her behavior. She’s rude, immature and unpleasant.

    Should someone have told her a long time ago to shut-it, behave and act gracious? Yes. Does Rob do this? Yes. His silence on this subject speaks so much for his character. Do i think he is at blame for some of this? Actually yes. If he is really the one that required so much secretiveness (as we have been told is his MO) then that was obviously not what she wanted. They both played games and it finally caught up to them.

    Like i said in my own blog, we all knew this day was going to come. IMO it was just so much better than I ever thought would happen.

    1. As the Target lady says: APPROVED! In my defense, I didn’t even READ Twilight until last Fall when I finally gave in. My daughter was getting to “that age,” plus I began reading a lot of YA books (which led to my Ink and Page blog, incidentally). I knew that any YA reader worth his/her salt had to read the series. I saw all of the movies after that.

      Of course I knew who KS and RP were, but had no connection whatsoever since I wasn’t in the pros (or semi-pros, even) of fandom for the books, movies or actors. So Angel is my expert that I have called in after reading her blog posting about all this. You can see she has much more k-nowledge than I do about the subject. You can read her post at In fact, check out her blog. In the spirit of disclosure, she also wrote a book that I reviewed here (and liked very much). I will also be reviewing her next book in the near future. She also cracks me up because she sometimes says things in a way that I cannot.

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