Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Authors Who Deserve More Recognition

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I am going to assume that this topic means authors whose books are great and need to me more widely read, not that the authors themselves need to be on E! or in OK! magazine more frequently. Several of the authors I will mention are very well-read in our Goodreads circles and by those “in the know.” I am including them here because I think the general public needs to ooh and aah over them more, not because I don’t think no one has heard of them.

  1. Kerstin Gier. Judging by the amount of traffic generated to my blog because of some posts I wrote about her/her Ruby Red series, she is no shrinking violet; however, I never hear much about her or her books in the mainstream media. Maybe it’s because she’s German and writes in her native tongue, but whatever the reason, I think she needs to be more widely read. (Reviews: Ruby RedSapphire Blue)
  2. Trish Doller. A fabulous writer from Florida, Trish wrote an honest and real tale of ugly behavior, PTSD, loss and finding love in her debut novel Something Like Normal. I can’t wait for her next book, Where the Stars Still Shine, to be released in about 69 days (I have a counter on my blog). Her books need to be made into movies. (Review: Something Like Normal)
  3. Heather Dixon. Maybe it’s because she’s only written one book (so far), and maybe it’s because I just finished said book…but it was awesome, and I think everyone should know about it. Be sure to check out Entwined, especially if you are a fan of magical historical-ish fairy tales that have royalty, evil, love, twists, turns and lots of dancing.
  4. Kim Askew/Amy Helmes. Clever, clever girls. Taking the stories of Shakespeare, these writers have modernized the familiar plots, subplots, agony and ecstasy and turned out some amazing stories in their Twisted Lit series. So far, there’s Tempestuous (based on The Tempestand Exposure (MacBeth). (Reviews: TempestuousExposure)
  5. Angel Lawson. I beat the Angel Lawson drum as often as I can. She’s a very gifted indie writer who has already gotten five titles under her belt. One of the most amazing things? Except for her Wraith series, all books have such wildly different subject matter. (Reviews: FanGirlShadow Bound (Wraith #2); Serial SummerVigilantWraith)
  6. Tara Hudson. I love her fabulous series about a ghost who falls in love with a boy who is very much alive. All three books are now out: HereafterArise and Elegy. (Reviews: AriseHereafter)
  7. William Richter. His tale of a girl on the streets of New York City, Dark Eyes, was a thrilling tale of adoption, wealthy family, scary mafia and hidden pasts. The second book in the series, Tiger, came out in March. (Review: Dark Eyes)
  8. Lex Thomas. I read Quarantine: The Loners last fall, only because the authors (Lex Hrabe and Thomas Voorhies) were going to be panelists at the Austin Teen Book Festival. I had never heard of the book, and, to be honest, I might not have read it even if I had. A Lord-of-the-Flies type of story, it is thought provoking while being extremely violent and scary. The second in the series, Quarantine: The Saints was released on July 9th. I am waiting patiently for it from my library. (Review: Quarantine: The Loners)
  9. Antonia Michaelis. Another German author. I have only read The Storyteller, but even if I never read another one of her books, it will be enough. This story guts you like a fish. (Review: The Storyteller)
  10. A.G. Howard. I know that her debut, Splintered, garnered a lot of notice and recognition, so to include her here is plain silly. I just want to make sure that everyone knows about her fabulous take on Alice in Wonderland. She’s a fellow Texan, too, so promoting her is both a duty and a pleasure. (Review: Splintered)

What are your top ten?

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Authors Who Deserve More Recognition”

  1. Thanks for including me and beating my drum *. I’m keeping this list because I havent’ read any of those authors either! You’re the best fangirl an author could ever have!

    1. Thanks! I just looked at your list…wow, 9 of the 10 I have NEVER heard of. So, this was a very useful Top 10 for sure!

      Thanks for the comment & follows! I have reciprocated.

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