Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Favorite Books I Read Before I Was a Blogger

I have always been a voracious reader, but when I was an adult (which makes it sound like I am no longer one), socializing, work and later, kid, took precedence over finding something to read before I went to bed. I did eventually join a book club, as one did in those days, but that was a crap shoot, really, never knowing if what someone else was choosing for that month was going to be a da bomb or a dud.

I had seen the Young Adult section at the bookstore, but wrote it off completely thinking that it was going to be a bunch of books that would be too young for me or not very compelling.

So what did I read in those dark, aimless days that kept me from giving up reading completely?

  1. I know you all are sick to death of it, but I have to start with Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I read it annually.
  2. A friend and I took a trip to Florida and we went into a bookstore (sounds like the beginning of a joke). Nutsy crazy Florida original Carl Hiaasen had signed some of his books. Being a hardback kinda gal, I went for his new (at the time) book and was introduced to some crazy sh*t. Thanks, Native Tongue. You will never look at dolphins the same way ever again.
  3. Who didn’t read this book when it came out in 1991? Me and all my friends read Generation X by Douglas Coupland like it was the Bible for the 90s.
  4. PBS showed a series that were adapted from books. My husband and I both devoured Tales from the City by Armistead Maupin.
  5. We lived in South Africa for a brief time, and I read a lot while there. My daughter was still napping, and there wasn’t much on TV. We frequented a bookstore where I immersed myself into British Chick Lit. Any book by Melissa Nathan is good, but (guess what) Pride, Prejudice and Jasmin Field is my favorite.
  6. I have read just about everything by David Sedaris, but Me Talk Pretty One Day is the best. Actually, the best is hearing him read is own stuff. Heaven.
  7. Another author that I would read anytime, anywhere is Bill Bryson. I am particularly fond of his book about Australia called Down Under. I think it is called In a Sunburned Country in the US, but we have a copy from the UK.
  8. Re. Harry Potter: I toyed with the idea of making the whole series seven of my top ten, but didn’t want to look like I was copping out. But seriously, they are.
  9. Another book that shoved me hard back into reading was City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. I had seen Clockwork Prince at the bookstore, and while I was on the waiting list for Clockwork Angel, I read City of Bones.  Thank you, Cassie, for both wonderful series.
  10. I have to give a nod to Twilight as another blogger has done. If I hadn’t finally given in, I don’t think I would have found myself on this Young Adult book-reading frenzy.

What’d you read?

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Favorite Books I Read Before I Was a Blogger”

  1. Seriously, we are reading twins! I loved Pride, Prejudice and Jasmin Field. So much fun!

    And Carl Hiaasen is the bomb! Yeah, I said that 🙂 I’ve read all his MG books, and Skinny Dip (you really need to read that one if you haven’t).

    I totally listed all HP books and counted it as one book. I mean, it’s one story, just broken up into seven books 🙂

    1. I always wanted a sister…

      I own Skinny Dip…haven’t read it in a while, but maybe I can squeeeeze in a re-read. The only MG books I have read is Hoot, which I loved.

      Yes, Harry Potter. It’s a shame that more people didn’t know about those books… 🙂

  2. I’m sorry to say, but I have not yet read Pride and Prejudice however I just got a copy of the book and do plan on reading it soon(: I’ve heard lots of great things so I can’t wait!

    1. I am so happy you have gotten a copy! Listen, I first read it when I was in middle school or high school because I missed the last couple of episodes on PBS and I wanted to know what happened. So don’t feel badly if you need to watch the Colin Firth/Jennifer Ehle version first. You can also watch the Keira Knightley/Matthew Mcfadyen version, but it is only a 2-hour movie and the PBS version is longer and contains more. Let me know what you think when you are finished!

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