Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Settings I’d Like to See More Of

Oh I don’t know. It doesn’t really matter what the setting is if it works, right? I mean, I really don’t like books that make me feel claustrophobic…unless I do. And stories set is certain locales aren’t interesting to me…unless they are. Sometimes I just don’t like a certain genre, then the story transcends the genre. However, there is something that just chaps me but good. Unless it’s non-fiction, I rarely read a book that’s set in Dallas. Heck, we don’t even have many TV shows set here that make it (miss you, The Good Guys). Please do not bring up Dallas or Walker, Texas Ranger unless you would like me to punch out your TV.

The Good Guys

Dallas is an excellent choice for a story, for many reasons. And I promise I will stop at ten. Though I could go on. And on. But I won’t.

State Fair of Texas Food and Fiber Building

  1. It is urban, suburban AND country all in one convenient area. Guess what? We got us some downtown livin’! And lots of suburbs from poor to wealthy! And beyond the suburbs we’re surrounded by country! JUST LIKE NEW YORK CITY!
  2. There are real people here of all ages, races, ethnicities, genders and sexual preferences. Yes, I am so tired of everyone in Texas being portrayed as either a ranch-owning, oil well-finding good-ol-boy or a big-haired, long-nailed back-stabbin’ gal. Or a rodeo queen and a robo-cop.
  3. For youse who is a little more klassy, Dallas has a thriving Arts District. There are several theaters, art museums, a performing arts high school, opera house and other venues all kissin’ up to each other Downtown. We even built a park over a highway to connect Downtown to Uptown. Think about that!
  4. Speaking of buildings…we have a house AND a theater designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Yep.
  5. Speaking more of buildings…we have the largest collection of Art Deco buildings in one place at our State Fair grounds. They exist NOWHERE ELSE.
  6. Between the State Fair grounds and Downtown lies an area known as Deep Ellum. It was where Dallas jazz lived and thrived in the first half of the last century. It’s a wonderful, filthy collection of old warehouses that were turned into clubs, stores and restaurants in the late 70s. It isn’t as thriving as it once was, but it’s still pretty hopping.
  7. You need a neighborhood where the wealthy family lives? Dallas’ Town-within-a-City is Highland Park. They have their own school district, mayor and police force. It’s only 2.2 square miles which encompasses stellar shopping at Highland Park Village, The Dallas Country Club and Lakeside Park. Or, for a different feel, choose an area called Lakewood. It also has a collection of beautiful houses and a country club.
  8. College? Got you covered. Southern Methodist University is located in the town of University Park, an area just by Highland Park. Beautiful buildings in an urban setting. There’s also a downtown building that houses several universities for people who work. Oh, and the Dallas County Community College District. There’s that, too. And the University of Dallas. And UTD.
  9. Transportation: Dallas has an urban light rail system, trolleys in Uptown, buses, bike lanes, walking paths and jogging trails. Love Field is within Dallas proper, Dallas/Fort Worth airport is nearby and there’s also Amtrak. Plus, we’ve got cars. Lots and lots of cars.
  10. Most people think Dallas has to be ugly because there’s no river (we’re working on that) or ocean. We do have a beautiful man-made lake called White Rock where there’s sailing, a dog park, bird watching, bike riding, hiking and parking/submarine races. Sure, there’s no mountains or even giant hills, but it’s green most of the year-round. Except when it’s not.

Aerial view of Klyde Warren Park Dallas, Texas

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16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Settings I’d Like to See More Of”

    1. Today’s high will be 58 today. It can get cold here, and it has snowed twice (but it was gone in a day). It doesn’t last long. It does get hot, but A/C takes care of that!

      Happy week to you!

  1. I love how you handled this post. I feel I know so much more about Dallas than I did a few minutes ago. 🙂 I know I recently read a book set in Dallas but the title eludes me.

    1. Thank you! I should work for the Tourist Board!

      I usually see Dallas in passing in books…like when Sookie Stackhouse comes to Dallas in one of her books, or they pass through the area.

      I appreciate the comment! Hope you’re following. I just followed your blog & on Twitter.

  2. That’s like me and Canada. Everyone focusses on our cold climate and wildnerness, but Canada has lots of cool cities and suburbs and our weather isn’t actually that cold where most of the people our. Our summers go up to 40˚ C and where I am (in Toronto), winter only goes down to -20. But people focus on these really far off places away from civilization because they think that we all live in the middle of nowhere 😛

    1. See? It’s not just me. I think people get an idea about what a place is like, not realizing that a place can be many different things. I’ve only been to BC to Victoria, but would love to go to Quebec and Toronto. I always enjoy watching the Circlevision movie about Canada at Epcot 🙂

      After Googling centigrade, I know now that 40 is…are you sh*****g me? 104 F? IN CANADA? You might as well live down here in Texas, ’cause we don’t have to deal with the snow (much).

  3. I would be totally down with the Dallas setting if I wasn’t such a Cowboys hater 🙁 It sounds like a lovely city, but any city w/ Jerry Jones creeping around is enough to scare me away LOL!

    Thanks for stopping by My TTT

    1. Hey, some of us here feel the same ’bout ol’ Jonesie. Love my ‘Boys, but he ruined football for me! And I don’t think he creeps…he’s chauffeured.

      I didn’t even think to mention all of our awesome sports teams…thanks for reminding me! GO MAVS!

      Have a great week!

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