“Waiting On” Wednesday 1.30.2013: ‘Emerald Green’ by Kerstin Gier

***UPDATE: Click here for an announcement regarding the 10.8.2013 Emerald Green RELEASE DATE!***

“Waiting On” Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Breaking the Spine. This meme spotlights upcoming releases that are eagerly anticipated.

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As is the case with many of the books I read, I don’t know how it happened that I picked up Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier. It is translated from the German more than ably by Anthea Bell. It is a wonderful story of time travel (which I really, really dig) and involves a time travel gene that shows up in girls in one family and in boys in another. There’s a mystery, of course, that reveals itself as the story goes on, as well as treachery, jealousy and romance. I particularly love that the heroine’s cousin has been training for this job her whole life (learning foreign languages, dances, politics, fashion, fencing and history from all sorts of time periods) only to discover that she’s not the “special” one.

I have just finished the second book in the trilogy, Sapphire Blue, which makes me absolutely itch for the last of the series. I do wish I could read the book in its original German* to see if it has all of the humor and British references that the translation does. I find it very interesting that the author has set the books in England.

*Well, I could, using my one year of college German, an English-German Dictionary and Google Translate, but I would probably not have time to post anything for the next three months. This’ll do.

Book Cover Emerald Green by Kerstin Gier

Emerald Green: The Ruby Red Trilogy
(In German: Smaragdgroen: Edelstein Trilogie)
By Kerstin Gier
Publication Date: Fall, 2013

Here’s the description from Goodreads:

Gwendolyn ist am Boden zerstört. War Gideons Liebesgeständnis nur eine Farce, um ihrem großen Gegenspieler, dem düsteren Graf von Saint Germain, in die Hände zu spielen? Fast sieht es für die junge Zeitreisende so aus. Doch dann geschieht etwas Unfassbares, das Gwennys Weltbild einmal mehr auf den Kopf stellt. Für sie und Gideon beginnt eine atemberaubende Flucht in die Vergangenheit. Rauschende Ballnächte und wilde Verfolgungsjagden erwarten die Heldin wider Willen und über allem steht die Frage, ob man ein gebrochenes Herz wirklich heilen kann…

Oh, I’m just joshin’. Here’s a (very) rough translation, courtesy of Google Translate:

Gwendolyn is devastated. Gideon’s confession of love was just a farce, to their great adversary, the dark Count of Saint Germain to play into their hands? It almost looks to the young time traveler like this. But then something incomprehensible, then Gwenny’s world is once again on its head. For she and Gideon begin a breathtaking escape into the past. Exhilarating dance nights and chases the heroine expect reluctant and over all is the question of whether one can really heal a broken heart …

And, here’s a little extra treat…the first book has been made into a movie. Alas, it is in German, but it looks super cool!

What are you waiting on? Leave a comment and a link below.

11 thoughts on ““Waiting On” Wednesday 1.30.2013: ‘Emerald Green’ by Kerstin Gier”

  1. I just finished reading Sapphire Blue and absolutely loved it! Waiting for Emerald Green is going to be difficult. I hope that Rubinrot is released in the states with subtitles!!

    1. I just left a message on Kerstin Gier’s Facebook page asking for the date of the release of Emerald Green and whether RubinRot will be released here. Hopefully I will have some answers! You wouldn’t believe how many people have come to my WoW post trying to find out about Emerald Green! Glad you liked it & thanks for the comment!

      1. I have heard that Emerald Green Is coming out on the 8th of October! At least in Canada! I do hope that RubinRot will be released to North America with subtitles at least! Please tell me they will release it with subtitles !!!

        1. Where did you see the release date? I would assume that books released in Canada and the US would have the same date?

          And RubinRot – I know, right? Certainly we would be able to see it somewhere! You should plead on her Facebook page!

          1. Sigh, I found the movie online. It’s really good quality but if you don’t speak German it won’t work for you because there are no subtitles…. though I’m sure you could download some somewhere.

  2. I read Ruby Red in English first and then freaked out that the second wasn’t out yet. Then I looked at the front and saw it was in German originally. I have never been happier that I speak German in my life! I ordered all three in German and read them (though it definitely took longer than it would’ve for me to read an English book). Emerald Green is awesome!!!! You’re going to love it!

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