What Words Give You the Heebie Jeebies?

Everyone has at least one word that they can’t stand. For whatever reason, it brings a certain picture into your mind that makes you uncomfortable or just the sound of it is unpleasant. I was just reading something, and the word “pop” was there. Now, I am not normally bothered by this word unless it is used in a very specific way: “I popped the last bit of my sandwich into my mouth.” You can pop corn, pop to the store, pop a bubble, drink a pop, and have a Pop, but none of those uses gets under my skin.

Why is that? Why do some words hit our ears and make us want to punch a wall? Specifically for that use of the word “pop,” I think it must be the triteness of it. It seems too insignificant an act to warrant mention, I think. It sounds casual, slang-y and feels over-used.

bride of frankenstein

I also, for the same-ish reason, don’t like the word munch. It seems more appropriate for a child to munch an apple than an adult. It has a whiff of bad manners about it, or of etiquette not yet learned.

Many people have an issue with the word moist.  For fun, I did a Google search and found out that moist is the number one most hated word in English. According to Thought Catalog, other words that brought on the sheevers were yolk, smear, squirt and…blog?

All of those words, however, are secondary to my most despised dictionary entry…it is:


At the risk of vomiting (another frequently loathed word), tweet or leave in the comments below words that set your teeth on edge. And, while you’re at it, subscribe to my blog. You do know I have a blog, right? This is my blog. You should read my blog. Blog blog blog.

5 thoughts on “What Words Give You the Heebie Jeebies?”

  1. As in “a pop of color”. So sick of it. And “curate”. Everything there is more than two of is curated. I don’t care if it is used correctly, it still has that “word of the week” onus. Remember “paradigm”?

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