Wieners Wieners Wieners

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

We have this cool bridge in Dallas now…and because of it, there’s another part of town that has been opened up as the latest place to be in the know about. Lots of restaurants are being built there, where previously, it was mostly known as the area where Bonnie and Clyde started honing their craft.

We ate at Hoffman Hotdogs, which, as you native New Yorkers should know, is from Syracuse. They have some crazy combinations along with the best onion strings and mac and cheese (as per my daughter).

Of course, I had to take photos of the signs. Wiener you ever going to see so many delicious puns in one place again?

Hoffman Hotdogs

8 thoughts on “Wieners Wieners Wieners”

    1. We have a river that goes through Dallas, but it is only full if there is a lot of Spring rain. We have plans to make it more of a destination with it filled up year-round, kinda like a puny version of the San Antonio River Walk.

      This bridge goes over part of that river (The Trinity).

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