You’re Killing Me, Kerstin Gier!

Smaragdgroen bei Kerstin GierSeriously. I WAS going to write a post about the Grammys, seeing as it’s #MusicMonday. But OMG EVERYONE wants to know when Kerstin Gier’s Smaragdgrün will be translated into Emerald Green and delivered to each one of us by a smiling UPS man on a beautiful September day. I, too, am (not so) patiently awaiting that day, and wrote about it for the weekly meme “Waiting On” Wednesday a couple of weeks ago. Ever since, my blog has BLOWN UP (well, it’s been big for me) because every single day I see search engine queries for her book showing up on my blog’s stats page. For example (Beispielsweise), these were all from Sunday:

  • emerald green by kerstin gier in english
  • emerald green summary kerstin gier
  • emerald green trilogy translated
  • emerald green release date
  • when does emerald green by kerstin gier come ut (I can only guess this inquiry came from Canada)
  • preview kerstin gier emerald green
  • kerstin gier emerald green free english translation book

On Saturday, I had five of the same, and every day before that at least five per day, and on up to ten.

Kerstin Gier Goodreads Author Photo

Not to either insult Ms. Gier or pat myself on the (book) spine, but I did not notice many people reading or reviewing the first book in the series, Ruby Red when I first read it. I even pointed it out to my daughter’s school librarian when I saw they had a couple of copies at their book fair last year (one of which accompanied us home). I just assumed that it was one of those books that was a well-kept secret that not many readers knew about.

Now there’s this explosion on the internet in my bookish circles where people cannot wait to get their hands on the third book of the trilogy. Part of the problem is the book was published already in Germany, and the English speaking world is waiting for the wonderful translation. And all we know is that it is coming out some time in September. There’s 30 days there, Ms. Gier, to work with. Can it be narrowed down at all? Please? Bitte schön?

Ms. Gier, unfortunately, is not on Twitter, but she does have a Facebook page. She (or someone) has kindly responded to two of my three questions that I have posted there.

  1. Question: Are you on Twitter? Answer: Nein.
  2. Question: Will the Ruby Red movie be released in the United States? Answer:  I don´t know, but I don´t think so. 🙁  Liebe Grüße! (Greetings!)
  3. Question:
    Everyone in the US wants to know: what is the release date for Emerald Green in English? When in September? We can’t wait. Answer: <crickets>

Emerald Green by Kerstin GierSo I am diligently trying to get the answer about the release date. Now someone else needs to lobby the film industry to make this trilogy into a movie. Danke.

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    1. It will be published here in October. I think I have a total of 3 posts about it…so, CHIN UP! Look on the left side of my blog and copy the countdown for the release of the book!

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